Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Hey! I just wanted to update you guys.. since i havent written for A LONG TIME!! So I have been working at Cycle Gear in Auburn.. just part time though.. I still get tired easily! What else.. Ah Jesse bought me a klx 110 2006.. So i have learned to ride a dirt bike.. which i LOVE doing!! I have gone up to my parents cabin.. with Miss mom and dad! We went riding for HOURS~~ we had a lot of fun though! the weather was perfect. what else is new... hmmm Well i got BUNCH of "stuff" from a family member..everything is new..!.. and SOOOOO much jewerly!!! She got this stuff for me so i can start getting money for the brain cancer walk,and to pay my medical bills! So if anyone is interested please lemme know!! my email address is . SUPER CUTE STUFF!!!!
Well i had halloween at our house this year again.. which was nice.. my Mom annd Aunt kelly made RANZA. YUM! alot of people came over.. it was great seeing everyone! Well My last MRI came back AMAZING!! better than the last one... :) my next MRI is dec. 6th... so i will post and let u guys know how it goes... :) Jesse and i have been juicing again...(fruits. and vegies) Like we did after my surgery... it makes u feel soooo much bettter, good movie to watch "foodmatters" also i have been getting a vitamin C infusion every month too.. which makes u feel crazy good!! i also have to get a port flush every 4 weeks too..:) for someone not liking vegies... and needles.. i think i have sure done a 360... haha i guess u gotta do whatu gotta do!
anywho ive been doing great!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey everyone,
Well lately i have just been working... and had angel one weekend.. and had danielle for a day.. and had leah this weekend! so ive been busy with the kids! SOoo My mri came back fine, they just had to check to make sure everything was GOOD! so they just double checked it. BUt everytihng is fine! SSOoo... what else.?! Im still selling my bracelets.. if u guys want one let me know and i can make u one... :) Hmm what else.. O i got my hair dyed... so its a little darker now.. cant wait till i can dye all my hair... :) today i had to get my port flushed.. so we went to SCCA and then went to Zoopas... eh.. wasnt that good... actually! oh welll..

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Went shopping and got me some cute glasses and a necklace! :) Love the sun.. and works been good!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hey just thought id letcha know my MRI came back good! we were a little worried at first because when we looked at the MRI the lil dot in where my tumor was was really bright.. and so they jus wanted to make sure it wasnt anything... so they checked and everything is the same! so nothing has changed! thanks for praying and keeping me in your thoughts~ :) If u would like a bracelet ..let me know just email me at all bracelets are 8.00 and it goes towards my medical bills.. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey everyone!! so i have a MRI this monday.. so wish me luck! So whats new.. well I got a job.. I am now working at cycle gear, in Auburn :) Part time.. 10-2 monday-fri!I really like it.. BUT i get tired im glad im not working anymore! I merchandise, and sell there.. So if u ever need anything for your dirt/street/atv come and visit me! or if u just want some cute clothes.. they have it! So what else... Jeffery got a gash on his foot...he was chasing jesse on our little 50cc dirtbike.. (SMALL BIKE) haha and wellhe got his paw ran over.. so i took him to the vet and they wrapped him all up... and i put a sock over it.. poor boy.. but hes doing a lot better..:_)ahh... hmmmmm...O ya i sprained my wrist..i was trying to get into my vegie garden.. it has chicken wire around it..and well i \tripped and ya..fell right on my wrist...but its better now..:) Also i am still selling my bracelets so if u are interested let me know and i can show u more pictures of the new ones i have made...:) thanks for keeping up with my means a lot to me

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cancer Bracelets!!!!

So lately I have been making bracelets in my spare time,and I figure hey.. why not try to sell them?! I figure the money I make will go towards my medical bills!! so anything would help! Here are some of the ones I have made.. let me know if you are interested..My email address is I’m trying to get $8.00 for 1.

          IMG_2660 IMG_2658 IMG_2657 IMG_2656 IMG_2655 IMG_2653 IMG_2652 IMG_2648 IMG_2647   IMG_2646 IMG_2640

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well I went to ALASKA with my uncle gayle.. :) i was there
for 4 days! it was soo much fun!! Thank you gayle for taking me... and spoiling me! It means alot takin me there!!! I was the first one to catch a fish... :) a king salmon! I already wanna go back... haha

brain cancer walk went good! better than i expected..Thank you everyone who joined.. and donated.. it means the world to me.. :) My Doctor,and nurse came and walked in my honor..:)thanks Carrie and Erica!! EVERYONE thank you soo much for everything!!

Thanks everyone for keeping updated with my blog!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

MRI day.

Hey everyone... its June 7th already! Well i had my MRI today..LaRae came with Jesse, and my momma..:) I got my port done on the first floor..and got my favorite nurse...she cracks me up.. she was talking about how Jesse looks soo cute..and said hes been working out :) haha also she asked if i got implants....HA i was like no!! she said well they are getting bigger..omg. i love that lady she makes me smile every time i have to get my port done.. and she is soo good at it too.

So We had the MRI on the 2nd floor.. And Jesse always comes in the room with me and holds my within like 15minutes of the MRI i noticed his eyes were closed..and my feet were by him..soo i kicked him..HAha and I got in trouble because i moved.. UGH the lady wasnt NIce at all.. but i was bored..and wanted to kick him while i was in the TUNNEL. (MRI) Anywho.. then they injected the contrast in me.. which taste yucky!! then another 15 minutes..... i almost fell asleep.

So when we got out.. We had to go and get my port de-axcessed (sp) and they did that on the second floor as well. so we had to wait 20 minutes because of the contrast they put in me to make sure im not havin any side affects from it.. SOOO we wait.. and this lady next to us is getting poked with a needle by this lady.. and she kept missing..UGH!!! this is whyi go to the 1st floor, they NEVER Miss!! any way this lady is like screaming because it hurts so bad.. and i am sooo thankful i did NOT get my port axcessed up here. Awhile back they missed like 4 times in my port.. ouch right into my tissue.. and its a BIG needle.

So Then we were waiting for the elevator.. and this lady we met had brain cancer as well and she gave me a sticker that says "fu** Cancer" ahh?! she was nice but seemed angry about her havin it.. but..u cant be angry.. because it is what it is u know?? u cant change it.

So then we went to the 5th floor to meet up with my doctor. today it was Carrie Grahmn, she is such a amazing doctor..she saw me getting my vitals done.. and she was like hey everytihng looks good!! and ill see u in a seccond! and that was just a big weight lifted off of my we met up with her.. they went over my blood work.. phosp. was a 1.3 Ah oo.... LOW!! but 2 weeks ago it was a 2.5 that gadtech really messed that up. Oh well now i gotta take a suplement again for awhile.

also my liver count was a little high... but it always has been.. they say i have a fatty liver?! but nothing to be worried about! SO.. We looked at my MRI and it was amazing...looking.. and only seeing my brain. and the hole where the tumor was. and nothing else! WE were all soo happy :) so in 2 months i will have another MRI :)

So we wanted to celebrate.. and get lunch/din so we drove to the speagetti factory.. and it was closed..aahhhh...dang so we went to the cheesecake factory.. YUMM our waitress was soo nice...we were messing with her and she was jus laughin the whole time. So what else...

We get to jesse and my house.. and my neighbor Neil came over with flowers... haha hes like 12.. i was like ahh.. such a sweetheart. He got me Lillys..they smell sooo goood!!!! THANKS NEIL. Then my other neighbor came over Laurie and was excited to hear the news as well.. we were in the backyard trying to catch the tadpoles i put in our pond.. we caught them at my parents cabin.. they were BULL FROG tadpoles.. and well i read about them and they eat fish...AHHH!!! i have goldfish in there soo jesse finally caught them, i gotta put them in a lake somewhere.

Well June 18th i am going to alaska!!! with my uncle gayle! i am sooo excited i am gonna be there for 4 days.. FISHING!! Its gonna be so much fun! im gonna be the only girl with all my family there.. so i gotta prove im not girly girl. :) THank you uncle gayle for taking me!! we are gonna have fun!

Also june 26 is the braincancer walk!! so if u guys wanna join me please sign up!! if not u can also donate :) anything helps..seriously!!

Hmm... Well my moms bday was june 4th we all went in and bought her a golf cart for her cabin she LOVES it! its soo funny to drive in it..goes super fast down the hills, and then crawls up the big hills.. i was laughing soo hard i was snorting. NO joke. We went fishing.. on the boat caught a rainbow trout.. about 11inches.. jus a baby and got some sun :) We had a good time up there everyone had a blast!!

Well everyone I hope that i see u on june 26th :) and thanks again for keeping me in your prayers... :) it means the world to me..


Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey everyone,
Well everythings been going good.. :) just been takin it easy still.. working in the yard.. which i love doing.. last weekend we went up to my parents cabin with Leah and they had a fishing durby (sp) i didnt catch anything.. but it was still fun. Leah had a blast... she wore herself out though. Then today was Brain cancer awareness at the mariners game :) it was fun i went with my mom, brother, and savanna.. Linds and her boyfriend were there also.. if you go onto facebook i h ave a lot of pictures :)Anywho.. The brain cancer walk is coming up soon.. :) I have raised over 3,000 so far.. If you guys can help out please do!! any donation helps! thanks everyone for the support :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brain Cancer Walk!!!

This year I decided to take part in an event supporting a cause that is personally very important to me. I am thrilled to be part of the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk and I hope you'll join me in the fight against brain cancer.

my name is shelby Wedlund. I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with brain cancer last year in may.I had brain surgery and under went chemo and radiation. And a experimental drug called "gad-tech" i just recently got off of chemo and I am doing MRI's every two months to make sure that my glioblastoma isnt coming back.:)

On Saturday, June 26, 2010 I will be participating in the Brain Cancer Walk, . As part of this event we will raise funds to support brain cancer research and patient care in the Pacific Northwest.

Fighting brain cancer is truly a team effort. By joining me in this mission, we can help bring together those who care about advancing therapies for patients. The mission is clear to accelerate the development of treatments that will lead to a cure for brain cancer.

Each year, nearly 22,000 Americans - 1,200 in the Pacific Northwest - are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor. With limited treatment options and a life expectancy of only one to two years, brain cancer is a frightening disease to face. Those directly and indirectly impacted by brain tumors are depending on us to help bring hope to their struggle.

So please help me raise some money to find a cure for brain cancer!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey everyone!!!!
Well i had my MRI yesterday and it all looked good. all my levels in my blood were pretty normal.. :) Thanks for all the prayers.... they mean alot to me. So whats new... My goddaughter turned 2! shes getting soo big. and Jesses been sick off and on... but he is getting better we think its the pollen in the air!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hey everyone,
Well everythings been going good here.. I have a MRI next monday..which will be fun!My grandma Diane has been taking me to get a vit. C infusion ... she took me the fist time, and then jesse took me the second time. i am doing it once a week.. they put a butterfly needle in my arm and ta da! After i have the infusions i have SOO much energy. SERIOUSLY. Ahh... what else Well Jesse and i and Jeffery our dog went to my parents cabin on my brothers bday.. which was pretty fun.. :) got some good pictures of everyone.. haha Jesse had a cold.. and then i got it.. which it sucked. i am now jus getting over it. But anywho.. I want everyone to know that there is a brain cancer walk coming up in june well june 26th!! And i would love for anyone to come and join me!! I have a team.. called BELIEVE. if u go to and go to team names.. i am there!! you have to register, is u wanna walk but if u dont want to walk then there is a spot where u can donate to the team believe!! and the more donations we get the better! its going to a great cause.. to find a cure!!! . Well if u have any questions just ask me !!! Wish me luck on my MRI :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well I went and got bloodwork today, went alright.. they had to do it through my arm.. which is fine but the lady wasnt too nice. OO well. So they are testing for like everything.. and also i have to do a stool sample. Ya i said stool.. :)They want to make sure i dont have any intestion infection etc. so i have to get a sample of my stool 3 times.. and put it in these containers..HAHA. I betcha wanna know this. So anywho i have already done 2 of them...2 more to go :) Then i will bring them to the doctor.. and then they will check it out. Hm.. so i still dont know whats wrong yet. Well i have had bad heartburn now since i am not takin my antiacid. mainly at night.. it sucks. But its alright.. i can handle it. Oh and since i got WIFI i have been playing on my i downloaded a game.. and a show off it and went on facebook. I have to buy "microsoft points" though.. so i bought 1600 of them for 20 bucks. Not bad.. some stuff costs 200-800 points.(hint b-day gift) :) j/k So i was playing on that all night.. jesse laying on the couch by me.. passed out while i am geeking out on my XBOX360. haha.. Well i was playing pool on my xbox and "kitten" my cat jumped up and was trying to bat at the balls.. it was soo funny.. he was just watching them in awe! So that was my night. what else.. I have a babyshower to go to this weekend.. Anne buckley's. She is having a boy.. i worked with her at IkEA. I ordered some cute stuff from etsy online. love that place. Well anywho.. ill letcha know if anything comes up with my bloodwork and stool sample. Also im having a bday party at our house.. Friday the 12th.. so u are more than welcome to come by! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey everyone .. Well My MRI went well. When we looked at it.. there was just more scar tissue.. which is normal.. due to the radiation. I went to the UW instead of scca. The Mri machine was smaller.. so i felt a lil clastophobic...(sp) and i didnt take any medicine to relax me.. so i was tense at first.. but i got used to it. What else..I stoped takin my antiacid.. because i started to get a bad ache/cramp/burning feeling under my left lower rib area.. and it was messing with my tummy really bad. also i have been ichy.. and kinda have a yellow tint to me.. barley. but still. So i am gonna call my doc tomorrow, and see what i can do. What else.. My sis gets to find out whats shes having on my b-day.. March 12.. I think its gonna be a boy! Matts bday is the 11th, and my dads is the 13th. O and my brothers is the 27th! i am gonna have a bday party at jesse and my house so whoever is welcome to come! Friday the 12th around 6. BYOB :) if needed. well what else is new.??? ahh i got WIFI finally. this is why it has taken me so long to write back. i was getting it free.. from one of my neighbors.. and i think they finally got rid of it. so i had to FInally get it after almost 4 years. So now its fast.. Ah.. hmmm. jesse and ihave been working on the yard.. I have pulled soo many weeds.. its crazy when a year goes by.. how much ur yard can change. So We are getting it back into shape! My brother came over and cut a tree down.. and trimmed alot of our trees in the back.. it looks soo nice! Well i will letcha know what the doc says about my tummy :) Oh and i had leah last week.. she is getting soo bif i love her.. shes got a personality on her, and also i had Hayden today for a little.. she is getting so big, she loved all of my animals she was just laughin away.. and she likes beyonce' and lady GaGa .. she was dancing.. it was soo cute!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey everyone,
So I had my bloodwork yesterday.. went fine, jesse and i had to wake up early.. well for us 9am. i dont think we went to bed till 3?? So we were tired!!! When we got to SCCA it wasnt busy at all it was nice.. i wish it was always like that...makes it seem like everyone was getting better and didnt have to come here.. :) Well i got a lady for my blooddraw.. She kinda knew what she was doing she made me a little nervious.. she did the lidicane shot a lil too deep.. ugh..and well the other needle went fine.. Then she put this tape on me.. with gause to cover where she poked me. When we got to the car it was sore :( but its alright. Then Jesse and I went to Zoopas!!! yumm.. I actually ate pizza. i couldnt tell you the last time i ate pizza!! and pasta.. and ice cream.. yummmmm haha. Then we went home.. layed in bed and passed out. about 2 hours later i got woken up by ashley kennison :) We went to Ross, Tj max, and wallyworld :) I think i needed that we had fun.. we gotta catch up. Hmm Oh well valentines day was nice and relaxing. I woke up to roses and jesse giving me a kiss on my forehead. Hes such a good guy. Then we went to dinner at a mexican restarunt..YUM! then we rented a couple movies and relaxed...I think we both fell asleep on the couch haha. HMMMM.. What else??? Well I have been kinda gettin little headaches pressure.. Soo My mom called the doc and instead of the 22nd for my MRI i am getting my MRI tomorrow. just to make sure everytings fine. and less stress for me. So ill letcha know how it goes :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey everyone,
Well This was my last month for my chemo.. and Truthfully I didnt take it.. :/ I was going to try to take it but i knew i was just going to throw it up. So i did not take it. I know.. I know i should have.. but it just makes me feel soo horible. I have not told my doctors yet... but it is what it is.. I dont want to be critisized.. u know. Its my body.. and i know whats right. But when i was supossed to take my chemo i was not feeling good at all either. My heartburn has been REALLY bothering me. I get it everynight.. in my lower and upper back.. so painful where theres nothing u can do.. it actually makes me cry sometimes.. i went to the docter and they said everyting looked fine.. with my ultra sound.. the only thing was my liver was a lil imflamed. they said its from takin so much medicine. So they prescrribed me a ULTRA antiacid... to i am hoping it will help.. they say it will hopefully kick in within a week. Thank goodness that this pill i gotta take isnt too big and doesnt taste funny. I couldnt tell you the last time i ate red sauce... pizza.. mexican food...enchaladas.. mmmmm.... SO i really cant wait till i can eat some normal food. Well what else has been going on.. I have been working on my backyard... picking up a bunch of poop. haha Jesse worked on the front yard and we finally took the xmas lights down from outside ... haha ya.. a lil late i know ...Also i want to thank Steve and Dorlee for the card, and the "believe" notepad i really like it :) U guys are very thoughtful.. i appreciate it. Also Kelly thank you for my lil license with my name on it :) its by my bed.. its so cute thank again for everything!!!!! Oh and Jesse and i ate on the porch today.. its sure nice havin the overhang.. thanks kelly and gene.. Love u all guys!!
Well i have this site where u can ask me any questions.. so feel free to :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey everyone..

SO whats new .... hmm Well I went to SCCA on monday and my phosphorus levels are getting back up there.. they were around 1.1-1.5... Now its up to 1.9 so this is a good thing.. I have been taking more viti. D its suposed to help me absorb more phos. hmm.. Well I went to get my patch for chemo.. and Well it was 60 dollors.. for 1 patch. OMG.. i was shocked. my insurance started over so i have to meet a deductable.. so my meds are costing more right now... ugh oh well i guess if its helping me i need it right? Well This month should be the last month for me to take my chemo.. Im excited.. But not looking forward in taking it this month.. its like my body knows i am gonna take it.. and its hard.. because it makes me not feel so good. But i jus gotta remember that its gonna be my last month. So i should be starting it in the next couple days.. I have a MRI feb. 22nd... and some blood work at the beginning of the month.. so next month should be pretty easy. Jesses sched. should be changing soon.. instead of working 130-1100, he will be working 1030pm-7am. So he will have more of a day to do things. .And i will be able to have a normal sleeping sched. lately i have been staying up till 3....4 am. and not waking up till 1 or 3m in the afternoon.. haha I guess i like my sleep.. So i need to work on that. hmm well my hair is starting to grow back now.. its getting thicker looking.. but not where the scar is on my head.. luckily i part my hair on the side of my head... When i went to the doctors on monday i talked to one of my nurses.. and well she had the same tumor as me.. but hers was in the back of her head.. i asked if i could see her scar... and it looks like mine.. her hair didnt grow back where the scar was.. its crazy.. Oh well makes us unique right?? lol my hair is about a inch long where i lost it.. it came back dark.. .like my natural color... so i lucked out. I was hopeing it wouldnt be a different color.. or curly.. so right now it looks like i have a mullet. HAHA but whatever... i didnt want to shave my head. umm... well my sister gets to find out what she is having on my b-day... im thinking its gonna be a boy... i was hopeing for twins.. but not this time. im really excited to find out.. then i can start buying stuff for him/her. Well I will letcha know how my chemo goes.. Pray it goes well.. I havent thrown up for 2 months.. so lets make this month be the 3rd. Thanks everyone who reads this... it means a lot that u care.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hey everyone

Sorry i havent written lately.. i recently got facebook.. so i have been keeping up on that.. anywho my last MRI in dec. came back great. nothing there but my brain haha. But my phosp. is still not up to par. its supossed to be a two.6 my computer isnt wanting to type certian number.. ugh.. ""i think its time for a new computer"" anywho my phos. is suposssed to be a two.6 and mine is a one.5 so its low... so we went to the kidney doctor and he said that my kidneys had gotten damaged from the gadtec.. but only with the phos. absorbing.. they said they should heal themselves.. so we will see in time u know. so i am still taking a suplement to keep it up. what else... oh i have a cold right now and it sucks.. im all congested and sore throat.. no fun.... I think i got the cold from the "bouncy place" i took angel and danielle to a bday party.. ages 5, and seven. and well lemme tell ya there were too many lil ones runnin around with germs infested sneezing.. ew... ya i tried to sanatize all i could but i guess it didnt help.. also Angel got sick too.. so i have been laying in bed for the last days just feeling like crap..luckily my bed is comfy and i have a tv to watch in there... also my momma made me homemade potatoe soup... mmmmmm soo yummy so i am filling up on that. what else.... hmm well i took my chemo for last month.. and i only have one more dose to take YAY.. " but last month was kinda a hard one.. one day i felt so sick i actually didnt even take my chemo because i knew i was gonna jus throw it up.. NO FUN i am very excited to not have to take chemo anymore.. i hate feeling like u have to throw up all the time.. and jus worn out.. Well what else.. Jesse and i painted a bedframe and tv holder we got from my sis.. it looks really cute. im suprised it all fit.. its Big furniture.. ahhhmmmm.... i got pulled over in my truck because i guess one of my headlights was out and taillight.. i didnt get a ticket at least.. our truck has a issue with the lights.. lol i jus turned the truck off and then back on and they were fine.. Chevys.... Well My next MRI is in feb. the end of the month... so wish me luck.. i also have a few appointments for my blood work.. they wanna make sure that im keeping up on all my levels.. if u guys have any questions u want to ask me go for it if i left anything out k.. im trying to figure out why its not letting u guys post anything.... so bare with me.. thanks again everyone. OH and my christmas was wonderfull.. couldnt be better.. i got everything i wanted... and just a laid back xmas.. i got a cancer necklace also from jesse... white gold quarter carrot necklace.. sp. and also my grandpa gary and joanie came up for xmas.. and christy and darnell.. my dads side of the family came up to visit... it was really nice to see them as well..