Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan,8th 2011

Hope everyone had a great holiday and new years! Christmas was really nice... seeing all my family in one place. and all the little ones grow up! i guess that means i am getting old..haha I made a chocolate pudding pie.. with butterfinger.. yummy! We played white elephant.. which was fun to play with everyone.. :) i ended up leaving with a picture frame..haha anywho then new years.. Jesse and I just worked on the house..we put up recessed lighting.. painting.. new doors..molding..ceiling fan..we were busy!!Jesse hurt his shoulder so he ended up getting surgery last monday, so he is recovering fromthat right now.. he has a sling on most of the time,and physicaltherpy 2 times a week.I hope it gets better!! Hmm what else.. My last MRI came back amazing by the way.. and today i had a port flush...(every month i have to get one) My next MRI is Feb.7th Sooo wish me luck! also my sisters babyshower is coming up at the endof this month.. i cant believe she is almost DUE!! Im going to be a Auntie! That lil man is gonna be spoiled! anywho stephanie is due march 7th.. and then its matts bday the 11th, mine the 12th, and then my dads the 13th.!!also Lukes is the 27th..and i know there are more march bday too.. so its gonna be a busy month!! Leah is going to be 3 in april.. se is getting soo big.. same with Danielle and Angel.. they sure have a personality..lemme tell ya. anywho everyone have a wonderful day and "*believe*"