Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cancer Bracelets!!!!

So lately I have been making bracelets in my spare time,and I figure hey.. why not try to sell them?! I figure the money I make will go towards my medical bills!! so anything would help! Here are some of the ones I have made.. let me know if you are interested..My email address is I’m trying to get $8.00 for 1.

          IMG_2660 IMG_2658 IMG_2657 IMG_2656 IMG_2655 IMG_2653 IMG_2652 IMG_2648 IMG_2647   IMG_2646 IMG_2640

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well I went to ALASKA with my uncle gayle.. :) i was there
for 4 days! it was soo much fun!! Thank you gayle for taking me... and spoiling me! It means alot takin me there!!! I was the first one to catch a fish... :) a king salmon! I already wanna go back... haha

brain cancer walk went good! better than i expected..Thank you everyone who joined.. and donated.. it means the world to me.. :) My Doctor,and nurse came and walked in my honor..:)thanks Carrie and Erica!! EVERYONE thank you soo much for everything!!

Thanks everyone for keeping updated with my blog!!