Monday, June 7, 2010

MRI day.

Hey everyone... its June 7th already! Well i had my MRI today..LaRae came with Jesse, and my momma..:) I got my port done on the first floor..and got my favorite nurse...she cracks me up.. she was talking about how Jesse looks soo cute..and said hes been working out :) haha also she asked if i got implants....HA i was like no!! she said well they are getting bigger..omg. i love that lady she makes me smile every time i have to get my port done.. and she is soo good at it too.

So We had the MRI on the 2nd floor.. And Jesse always comes in the room with me and holds my within like 15minutes of the MRI i noticed his eyes were closed..and my feet were by him..soo i kicked him..HAha and I got in trouble because i moved.. UGH the lady wasnt NIce at all.. but i was bored..and wanted to kick him while i was in the TUNNEL. (MRI) Anywho.. then they injected the contrast in me.. which taste yucky!! then another 15 minutes..... i almost fell asleep.

So when we got out.. We had to go and get my port de-axcessed (sp) and they did that on the second floor as well. so we had to wait 20 minutes because of the contrast they put in me to make sure im not havin any side affects from it.. SOOO we wait.. and this lady next to us is getting poked with a needle by this lady.. and she kept missing..UGH!!! this is whyi go to the 1st floor, they NEVER Miss!! any way this lady is like screaming because it hurts so bad.. and i am sooo thankful i did NOT get my port axcessed up here. Awhile back they missed like 4 times in my port.. ouch right into my tissue.. and its a BIG needle.

So Then we were waiting for the elevator.. and this lady we met had brain cancer as well and she gave me a sticker that says "fu** Cancer" ahh?! she was nice but seemed angry about her havin it.. but..u cant be angry.. because it is what it is u know?? u cant change it.

So then we went to the 5th floor to meet up with my doctor. today it was Carrie Grahmn, she is such a amazing doctor..she saw me getting my vitals done.. and she was like hey everytihng looks good!! and ill see u in a seccond! and that was just a big weight lifted off of my we met up with her.. they went over my blood work.. phosp. was a 1.3 Ah oo.... LOW!! but 2 weeks ago it was a 2.5 that gadtech really messed that up. Oh well now i gotta take a suplement again for awhile.

also my liver count was a little high... but it always has been.. they say i have a fatty liver?! but nothing to be worried about! SO.. We looked at my MRI and it was amazing...looking.. and only seeing my brain. and the hole where the tumor was. and nothing else! WE were all soo happy :) so in 2 months i will have another MRI :)

So we wanted to celebrate.. and get lunch/din so we drove to the speagetti factory.. and it was closed..aahhhh...dang so we went to the cheesecake factory.. YUMM our waitress was soo nice...we were messing with her and she was jus laughin the whole time. So what else...

We get to jesse and my house.. and my neighbor Neil came over with flowers... haha hes like 12.. i was like ahh.. such a sweetheart. He got me Lillys..they smell sooo goood!!!! THANKS NEIL. Then my other neighbor came over Laurie and was excited to hear the news as well.. we were in the backyard trying to catch the tadpoles i put in our pond.. we caught them at my parents cabin.. they were BULL FROG tadpoles.. and well i read about them and they eat fish...AHHH!!! i have goldfish in there soo jesse finally caught them, i gotta put them in a lake somewhere.

Well June 18th i am going to alaska!!! with my uncle gayle! i am sooo excited i am gonna be there for 4 days.. FISHING!! Its gonna be so much fun! im gonna be the only girl with all my family there.. so i gotta prove im not girly girl. :) THank you uncle gayle for taking me!! we are gonna have fun!

Also june 26 is the braincancer walk!! so if u guys wanna join me please sign up!! if not u can also donate :) anything helps..seriously!!

Hmm... Well my moms bday was june 4th we all went in and bought her a golf cart for her cabin she LOVES it! its soo funny to drive in it..goes super fast down the hills, and then crawls up the big hills.. i was laughing soo hard i was snorting. NO joke. We went fishing.. on the boat caught a rainbow trout.. about 11inches.. jus a baby and got some sun :) We had a good time up there everyone had a blast!!

Well everyone I hope that i see u on june 26th :) and thanks again for keeping me in your prayers... :) it means the world to me..