Friday, December 18, 2009

updates :)

Hey everyone,
so Lately i have been getting Xmas shopping finished.. and just relaxing.. ive been pretty tired the past two weeks. So whats new.. well my phosphorus was low AGAIN. figures right? Well my doctors say they havent EVER seen it this low before in anyone (1.1).. Soooo.. i had to get on some suplements. so i take it 2 times a day... Also they think since i did the Gadtec.. it may have done somthing to my kidneys.. so my body wont absorb phosp. So i went to the doc's at the UW and had to do a blood test and a urine sample. When i met up with my docs' they said they havent heard from the kidney doc' but my phosp. went up to a 2.0.. which is a lot better than 1.1. Normally ur level is supossed to be a 2.5 or higher.. so i am getting there. Umm... Monday the 21st is my MRI... :) and blood work.. and meet up with my kidney doc.. YAY sounds fun huh.. luckily they let jesse in when i am getting my MRI.. he holds my hand and keeps me calm while i have to lay there motionless for 30 min. Hmm.. OO and i am going to be a auntie :) im soo happy for stephanie and matt.. im excited.. i have already bought the baby stuff. and we dont even know the sex of it... haha Well my hair is starting to grow back where they did the radiation.. its prolly about a inch long in that spot... :) its like baby hair.. so soft and not damaged by me dying it.. haha they say sometimes it will come back a differernt color... or come back curly.. lol luckily mine didnt.. well so far.. Ummmm... we are having Xmas at my parents this year.. it will be nice.. i cant remember the last time the whole family was at my parents.. :) i will be making cookies :) ahh... what else O i had danielle and angel i think last friday we had a girls night.. we did gingerbread houses... and they played in "there" room at my house.. and oh goodness.. they cracked me up. dolls everywhere... stuffed animals... clothes everywhere.. it was fun i think they stayed up giggiling till 12. Well i got to see my goddaughter today.. lemme tell u she is such a doll her laugh could brighten my day any day! she was dancing... jumping up and down.. falling and jesse and i were jus laughing.. i gave her her xmas gift.. it was a moose stuffed animal and a book about a moose eating a muffin.. ya its actually really cute she loved it. she was trying to read it to her momma. well anyways i will letcha know how my MRI goes.. and maybe i will have some pic's of it.. :)