Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey everyone..

SO whats new .... hmm Well I went to SCCA on monday and my phosphorus levels are getting back up there.. they were around 1.1-1.5... Now its up to 1.9 so this is a good thing.. I have been taking more viti. D its suposed to help me absorb more phos. hmm.. Well I went to get my patch for chemo.. and Well it was 60 dollors.. for 1 patch. OMG.. i was shocked. my insurance started over so i have to meet a deductable.. so my meds are costing more right now... ugh oh well i guess if its helping me i need it right? Well This month should be the last month for me to take my chemo.. Im excited.. But not looking forward in taking it this month.. its like my body knows i am gonna take it.. and its hard.. because it makes me not feel so good. But i jus gotta remember that its gonna be my last month. So i should be starting it in the next couple days.. I have a MRI feb. 22nd... and some blood work at the beginning of the month.. so next month should be pretty easy. Jesses sched. should be changing soon.. instead of working 130-1100, he will be working 1030pm-7am. So he will have more of a day to do things. .And i will be able to have a normal sleeping sched. lately i have been staying up till 3....4 am. and not waking up till 1 or 3m in the afternoon.. haha I guess i like my sleep.. So i need to work on that. hmm well my hair is starting to grow back now.. its getting thicker looking.. but not where the scar is on my head.. luckily i part my hair on the side of my head... When i went to the doctors on monday i talked to one of my nurses.. and well she had the same tumor as me.. but hers was in the back of her head.. i asked if i could see her scar... and it looks like mine.. her hair didnt grow back where the scar was.. its crazy.. Oh well makes us unique right?? lol my hair is about a inch long where i lost it.. it came back dark.. .like my natural color... so i lucked out. I was hopeing it wouldnt be a different color.. or curly.. so right now it looks like i have a mullet. HAHA but whatever... i didnt want to shave my head. umm... well my sister gets to find out what she is having on my b-day... im thinking its gonna be a boy... i was hopeing for twins.. but not this time. im really excited to find out.. then i can start buying stuff for him/her. Well I will letcha know how my chemo goes.. Pray it goes well.. I havent thrown up for 2 months.. so lets make this month be the 3rd. Thanks everyone who reads this... it means a lot that u care.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hey everyone

Sorry i havent written lately.. i recently got facebook.. so i have been keeping up on that.. anywho my last MRI in dec. came back great. nothing there but my brain haha. But my phosp. is still not up to par. its supossed to be a two.6 my computer isnt wanting to type certian number.. ugh.. ""i think its time for a new computer"" anywho my phos. is suposssed to be a two.6 and mine is a one.5 so its low... so we went to the kidney doctor and he said that my kidneys had gotten damaged from the gadtec.. but only with the phos. absorbing.. they said they should heal themselves.. so we will see in time u know. so i am still taking a suplement to keep it up. what else... oh i have a cold right now and it sucks.. im all congested and sore throat.. no fun.... I think i got the cold from the "bouncy place" i took angel and danielle to a bday party.. ages 5, and seven. and well lemme tell ya there were too many lil ones runnin around with germs infested sneezing.. ew... ya i tried to sanatize all i could but i guess it didnt help.. also Angel got sick too.. so i have been laying in bed for the last days just feeling like crap..luckily my bed is comfy and i have a tv to watch in there... also my momma made me homemade potatoe soup... mmmmmm soo yummy so i am filling up on that. what else.... hmm well i took my chemo for last month.. and i only have one more dose to take YAY.. " but last month was kinda a hard one.. one day i felt so sick i actually didnt even take my chemo because i knew i was gonna jus throw it up.. NO FUN i am very excited to not have to take chemo anymore.. i hate feeling like u have to throw up all the time.. and jus worn out.. Well what else.. Jesse and i painted a bedframe and tv holder we got from my sis.. it looks really cute. im suprised it all fit.. its Big furniture.. ahhhmmmm.... i got pulled over in my truck because i guess one of my headlights was out and taillight.. i didnt get a ticket at least.. our truck has a issue with the lights.. lol i jus turned the truck off and then back on and they were fine.. Chevys.... Well My next MRI is in feb. the end of the month... so wish me luck.. i also have a few appointments for my blood work.. they wanna make sure that im keeping up on all my levels.. if u guys have any questions u want to ask me go for it if i left anything out k.. im trying to figure out why its not letting u guys post anything.... so bare with me.. thanks again everyone. OH and my christmas was wonderfull.. couldnt be better.. i got everything i wanted... and just a laid back xmas.. i got a cancer necklace also from jesse... white gold quarter carrot necklace.. sp. and also my grandpa gary and joanie came up for xmas.. and christy and darnell.. my dads side of the family came up to visit... it was really nice to see them as well..