Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well I went and got bloodwork today, went alright.. they had to do it through my arm.. which is fine but the lady wasnt too nice. OO well. So they are testing for like everything.. and also i have to do a stool sample. Ya i said stool.. :)They want to make sure i dont have any intestion infection etc. so i have to get a sample of my stool 3 times.. and put it in these containers..HAHA. I betcha wanna know this. So anywho i have already done 2 of them...2 more to go :) Then i will bring them to the doctor.. and then they will check it out. Hm.. so i still dont know whats wrong yet. Well i have had bad heartburn now since i am not takin my antiacid. mainly at night.. it sucks. But its alright.. i can handle it. Oh and since i got WIFI i have been playing on my i downloaded a game.. and a show off it and went on facebook. I have to buy "microsoft points" though.. so i bought 1600 of them for 20 bucks. Not bad.. some stuff costs 200-800 points.(hint b-day gift) :) j/k So i was playing on that all night.. jesse laying on the couch by me.. passed out while i am geeking out on my XBOX360. haha.. Well i was playing pool on my xbox and "kitten" my cat jumped up and was trying to bat at the balls.. it was soo funny.. he was just watching them in awe! So that was my night. what else.. I have a babyshower to go to this weekend.. Anne buckley's. She is having a boy.. i worked with her at IkEA. I ordered some cute stuff from etsy online. love that place. Well anywho.. ill letcha know if anything comes up with my bloodwork and stool sample. Also im having a bday party at our house.. Friday the 12th.. so u are more than welcome to come by! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey everyone .. Well My MRI went well. When we looked at it.. there was just more scar tissue.. which is normal.. due to the radiation. I went to the UW instead of scca. The Mri machine was smaller.. so i felt a lil clastophobic...(sp) and i didnt take any medicine to relax me.. so i was tense at first.. but i got used to it. What else..I stoped takin my antiacid.. because i started to get a bad ache/cramp/burning feeling under my left lower rib area.. and it was messing with my tummy really bad. also i have been ichy.. and kinda have a yellow tint to me.. barley. but still. So i am gonna call my doc tomorrow, and see what i can do. What else.. My sis gets to find out whats shes having on my b-day.. March 12.. I think its gonna be a boy! Matts bday is the 11th, and my dads is the 13th. O and my brothers is the 27th! i am gonna have a bday party at jesse and my house so whoever is welcome to come! Friday the 12th around 6. BYOB :) if needed. well what else is new.??? ahh i got WIFI finally. this is why it has taken me so long to write back. i was getting it free.. from one of my neighbors.. and i think they finally got rid of it. so i had to FInally get it after almost 4 years. So now its fast.. Ah.. hmmm. jesse and ihave been working on the yard.. I have pulled soo many weeds.. its crazy when a year goes by.. how much ur yard can change. So We are getting it back into shape! My brother came over and cut a tree down.. and trimmed alot of our trees in the back.. it looks soo nice! Well i will letcha know what the doc says about my tummy :) Oh and i had leah last week.. she is getting soo bif i love her.. shes got a personality on her, and also i had Hayden today for a little.. she is getting so big, she loved all of my animals she was just laughin away.. and she likes beyonce' and lady GaGa .. she was dancing.. it was soo cute!