Friday, July 31, 2009

Yay for friday!!

So today jesse and his dad took me to my doctors appointment, and radiation today :) We had to be in seattle at 9:30 so we had ta wake up early. So i have been havin problems with my port not wanting to get blood takin from it but it worked today :) So that was one less thing i had to worry about. also 2 days ago i got a infusion of phosphorus since ive been low and that took about 3 hours for that to get in my body... ya it sucked but i had to get it done. today they checked my phosphorus and it went down a little bit so i need to keep on drinking my med. intill that gadtec is out of my system. Other wise everything else looks good. I have 1 more day of radiation... :) and then i stop takin my chemo for the whole month of august. then only will be takin chemo for 5 days a month. :) So i am pretty excited about gettin a normal routine down again.. and not goin to seattle everyday! what else... Oh the radiation is going good :) the onlt bad thing is its makin my forehead DARK.. like really dark.. it looks like i have been only tanning my upper half of my head.. haha all i can do is laugh.. they say its normal but because of my skin.. i get dark easy anyway they said i am just gettin reallly dark. Then i had a blister on my head and it popped and so i have a really white spot on my head... :) oh well what can i do. it will all go away sooner or later..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey everyone !!

Hey everyone just thought id letcha know how im doing :) So friday i went for my blooddraw my red and white cells are lookin good normal. and Also my kidney and liver functions are good also. The only thing that was low was my phosphorus. The gadtec totally wipes it out of ur body so i have been takin 3 pills a day to try to get it up. phosphorus basically helps ur body with ur joints, and also it can make u shakey and make ur eyes twitch a little if u are low. kinda weird huh?? anywho this weekend went very well :) I hung out with my friend Oksana on saterday. Which was nice. Then Jesse and i on sunday relaxed and went out to lunch and just had a good day. later that day a couple of our neighbors came over and we just hung out. Then i took my chemo.. and my tummers got upset.. and i threw up :( but i felt better after i did.. not sure why i did but whatever... Then today my mom took me to my radiation, it went well we actually met an older man that just had brain surgery and is just startin to do raditaion... he had the same tumor as me. crazy... my mom said he gave her a hug while i was doing radiation and said him and his family will be keepin me in there prayers :) So everyone keep him in ur prayers as well :) so we were heading home and then the car was on empty so we stopped at a gas station and i got us some goodies that made our tummies upset! haha i got us to large pops, chips, chocolate peanuts and a butterfinger :) yumm... then when we tried to get onto the freeway we almost got on the wrong way headin to seattle again so my mom backed up and we went the right way then :) well kinda haha we ended up goin though renton...long story short we made it home :) love ya momma :) we did get lunch and stopped at a lil boutique place which is soo nice.. right by the maple valley food produce place. anywho thanks for reading everyone and thank you everyone who has been suporting me though all this :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So last Thursday night i decided to opt. out of the gad-tec. I decided to because my blisters on my fingers were gettin soo bad that i could barley pick anything up. So i told my doc's and they said that it was totally fine. It was just something extra that i could do to maybe help it out a lil more but it was experimental so they dont even know if it does help. but ya so i am not doin it anymore YAY! I am feeling a lot better now since i havent been takin it.. but I have a blister in my mouth and on my forehead. Its a side effect from gadtec. But my fingers are starting to get better they arent as sensitive as they used to be. so what else.. we had jesses bday party last weekend on sat. It went really well, alot of people showed up it was really nice :) thanks everyone for bringing stuff as well it really helped out.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So i got a wig today!

So today my Grandma Diane took me to check out wigs.. at first I was kinda weirded out about it but then when we got to the shop we found the perfect one. its cute its chocolate brown and about as long as my shoulders. Its made of real hair also.. its very beautiful and it looks good :) So we did that today and then Jesse and I ordered some bark for the backyard.. so Jesse did that today he barked the whole backyard... lemme tell ya it looks soo nice. He worked soo hard on it tooo.. and then he went to work afterwards too. He's gonna be so tired by the time his bday party even comes. So what else... Tara is staying with me tonight she brought me to radiation today and then we ordered food from Isabella's the itallian resturant in covington.. YUM we got margerita pizza.. salad... and cheesecake and tirimusu. We are sooo full !!! Thanks tara again :) And then we let the mutts out and they love tara so much that they wouldnt leave her alone and they were jumpin on her and made her hurt her back ..... dogs :( they just cant get enough of her.. anywho we are just relaxing now watching tv ... so have a day everyone-

Monday, July 13, 2009

On My 4th Week now :)

Hey everyone so my weekend went really good :) A lot of my family stopped by it was nice seeing everyone. Kelly and Gene came over and built Jesse and I an over hang from the house. That was soo nice of them to do that.THANK YOU!!. They came over, along with alot of other family and friends. So i am in my 4th week and everything has been going well.. besides the hair loss and i am starting to get blisters on my fingers from the gad-tec... sucks but hey if it helps out in the long run then so be it. So Not much is new just been keepin strong, And going day by day :) thank you everyone who has been keepin up on my blog....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost another week down!

So today was a good day!I got to sleep in.. even though i slept till 8:30.. gotta relax pay a couple bills and eat a muffin in morn. So i got jesse up around 11. then he got ready and we went to jamba juice..yummmy... Those are soo good.. So I only had to do radiation today... Soo that means that today Tara took me and we only had to leave around 3 to get to the UW. And it took like 5 minutes :) So after the radiation we went to this wonderful beba's world cusine.. OMG its sooo good. They have the best mexican food.. and for a good price. I would say best food ever. they had like mexican food, sandwiches, and pasta... its crazy but seriously its a good place u guys should try it.. its been open for about a week now they said its by REI in seattle, right across the street. Enough about food.. haha other than that today hasw been going good. Tara and i are just relaxing at my house right now watching tv.. OO well one thing thats kinda sad is that my hair is finally starting to fall out now... so now i am debating on what to do with it.. Maybe i will cut my hair a lil shorter.. but i am just not sure yet... It may sound selfish but i think this is actually harder then turning green, and having the actual surgery. im a girl i think hair is just hair u know its like loosing a arm or somthing.. i dunno.. Well I gotta look at it this way i am healthy and i am doing it to get better. :) anywho yay for the weekend :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another day

So today my Sister took me to REI and to this wonderful resteraunt that had mexican food.. sandwiches.. and ittalian food. it was SOOO good. So today went really well. I have gained a couple pounds though haha they have me on steriods right now to help with the gad-tech. So it makes me HUNGRY :) Oh well i gotta take advantage of it. So yesterday my doctor gave me a lil too much benadryl and it Passed me out, i slept all day.. no joke my dad spent the night and he had to wake me up cuz i was out. So i have a new way in takin my pills... I have been eating bananas and then takin the pills.. it makes it actually alot easier. So tonight stephanie and I have been moving around things in the house and cleaning up stuff. She tried on a wedding dress tonight and she looked beautiful :) my momma came over also and looked at her too.. I am really excited for her. Well i have been feeling pretty good today i think its cuz i have been sleeping a lot the last couple days.. And also i wanna say thank you to my costco family for always bringing me food and treats over.. it means alot to jesse and i and we really appreciate everything!!!! Oh and also everyone Jesse's bday is coming up so whoever is welcome to come over for a potluck on july 18th its a saterday and it will be around 5-ish. byob if needed :) he is turning a big 26!!! happy birthday babe!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th everyone :)

So yesterday for the fourth Jesse and I got to hang out and just relax. My neighbors had a BBQ and Owen, Molly, Brian and his girlfriend came over as well. We all just ate some food and talked and talked haha. Our neighborhood is crazy when it comes to the 4th. We have like 5 neighbors that compete with eachother so there is never really a dull moment. We had a good time last night though.. So 2 weeks down now with my treatment! yay!! only4 1/2 more to go... :) Yesterday i was feeling pretty good just lately have been kinda a space head.. the radiation makes me kinda feel BLA some days.. but it goes away. Starting tomorrow i will only be getting the infusion 3 times a week instead of everyday! So i am HOPEING that it will make me feel alot better.. not soo pukeeey feeeling. So monday wed and fri will be the only days i have to do the gad tec stuff... I will still have to do the radiation everyday still though.. but its all good. :) Hmm.. what else is new.. Nothing much really actually just been relaxing and just enjoying my days off from everything... execpt the chemo... which has been hard for me to swallow the last couple days... grrr... last night i had to open the pills and take it with chocolate syrup. yum... NOT! my throat has been sensitive with swallowing things... so i have been getting pretty creative to try to take my pills... anyway everyone have a wonderful day and i will write more soon :) thanks everyone for the support.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful day!

(These are pic of my goddaughter leah i love that girl soOoo much)

Hey everyone, Sorry I havent written for a few days. I have had a lot going on sunday/monday i wasnt really feeling the best and monday i actually had to have my aunt and mom pull over when they were driving cuz i threw up everything. I know gross sorry. Then when i got home i was shivering and had a temp. of 102.2 My mom went and got me some liquid tylonal to help with it and we had to call my chemo doc. Everything ended up being fine.. one of m nurse's forgot to give me some of my anti-nausia med and that could have been why i didnt feel so well. So then tuesday i was feeling a lil better they gave me some more med Stephanie stayed with me tha night and we had a good time. Travis, Owen, and molly stopped by and we got to talk to them for hours. O and also stephanies fiance' matts brother daniel came over as well and got me a present OOO and same with molly and owen :) Thank u everyone i really appreciate it a lot. And today i feel wonderful. Sherry took me today and i had my infusion of the gad-tech at 11. Then after that we went to victoria secret and got me a couple goodie's from there.. Then we went to radiation around 3ish and then met up with my radiation doc to just talk to see how things are going and they said so far everything is going well.. Then we had to meet up with my chemo doc.. That was when it took forever!! we had to wait a hour to see her... so we ended up not even leaving till like six from the UW. Lemme tell ya i was tired . Sherry got us a coffee so it helped out a lil :) I have 3 days off this week yay!! This fourth of july is jesse' and my 5th year anniversary!!!! yay! Im not really sure what we are gonna do.. but anything with outdoing with treatment would be fine.. just hanging out with my hunners :) Well Thanks everyone for checkin in on me :):)