Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Hey! I just wanted to update you guys.. since i havent written for A LONG TIME!! So I have been working at Cycle Gear in Auburn.. just part time though.. I still get tired easily! What else.. Ah Jesse bought me a klx 110 2006.. So i have learned to ride a dirt bike.. which i LOVE doing!! I have gone up to my parents cabin.. with Miss mom and dad! We went riding for HOURS~~ we had a lot of fun though! the weather was perfect. what else is new... hmmm Well i got BUNCH of "stuff" from a family member..everything is new..!.. and SOOOOO much jewerly!!! She got this stuff for me so i can start getting money for the brain cancer walk,and to pay my medical bills! So if anyone is interested please lemme know!! my email address is . SUPER CUTE STUFF!!!!
Well i had halloween at our house this year again.. which was nice.. my Mom annd Aunt kelly made RANZA. YUM! alot of people came over.. it was great seeing everyone! Well My last MRI came back AMAZING!! better than the last one... :) my next MRI is dec. 6th... so i will post and let u guys know how it goes... :) Jesse and i have been juicing again...(fruits. and vegies) Like we did after my surgery... it makes u feel soooo much bettter, good movie to watch "foodmatters" also i have been getting a vitamin C infusion every month too.. which makes u feel crazy good!! i also have to get a port flush every 4 weeks too..:) for someone not liking vegies... and needles.. i think i have sure done a 360... haha i guess u gotta do whatu gotta do!
anywho ive been doing great!!