Friday, August 28, 2009


well i just wanted to let everyone know that my MRI went awesome :) it came back perfect. They didnt see anything growing. I still have a hole in my head where the tumor was but nothings there :) I am SOoOooo relieved! but guess what my phosphorus is low again. gr... so now i have to take med. for that aGaIn! And also i start my chemo on sunday night. So i just want to thank everyone who was there for me and prayed and still are praying for me. Thanks everyone! im a lil tired today so i will write more later but everythings good with me right now :) no tumor growth :) nothing@!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday's my MRI

(pic of Jesse and I at the casino a couple days ago.. And this is leah a week ago-shes gettin so big!)

Hey everyone i just wanted to letcha know i am getting my mri tomorrow in the morning. Im actually pretty nervious. There gonna see if anything grew back and just how everything's looking. So jesse, my mom, sherry, and Tara are going tomorrow :) Givin me all the support I need. I will be taking chemo again.. but only for 5 days out of the month. which is better than everyday that i was doing before. SOoOo.. tomorrow i will letcha know that the doc says :) any who... everything else has been going fine.. i have been takin it easy going to my parents house for din everynight... and just RELAXING! Last night Tara, Jesse, Mom, sherry, kim, Jessica, katie, courtney, and todd went to the casino :) It was nice seeing everyone. We had dinner there which was wonderful :) Thanks momma! I played blackjack with courtney and todd... i got $15 and quit lol. Thank you sherry for a good night also :) She Won some $$ !! It was very relaxing, it kept me from thinkin about my MRI for awhile :) So i will letcha know tomorrow about it k :) thanks for keepin up on my blog... I have been slacking lol Sorrry!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


So lemme just say THANK you!!!! To everyone that came out and suported me at my auction thank you soo much!! So the grand total of donations and everthing came to a sum of $18,178.00 HOLY CRAP! I cant be thankful enough for everyone who helped put this fundraiser together for me.. if it wasnt for u guys i dont know what i would have done.. Thank u everyone who donated and just the moral support as well really means the world to me :) The auction and fundraiser came out beautiful the good was great... baloons.. flowers... it was everything i could imagine.. plus more it was so nice of everyone to do this for me... thank you! So it was nice seeing everyone come out to support me i was shocked to see that many people.... wow it was overwelming actually at first but i was just sooo thankful that everyone has such a open heart to help me out in a time of need. THANK YOU EVERYONE :) i love u guys

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just wanna say thank you...

I wanted to just say thank you to my aunt kelly for comin over last weekend and always bringing me goodies :) she made me dessert, and brought over a fire pit :) THANK YOU KELLY :) Thanks for keepin me company

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello everyone,
Sorry i havent written for awhile... ive just been relaxing and enjoying my days off from the chemo and radiation. So what have i been doing... hmmm... Layin in bed relaxing... goin to my parents house and hanging out... and just enjoying the days with jesse. On saterday was my sis engagement party which was a lot of fun :) So lemme tell ya my present i got her i got from Laura and Danielle.. They came over to my house with this little kitten... He is soo cute! but of course i couldnt keep him i already have a zoo at my house. SoooOoo.. I called matt and asked him if it was okay for steph to get another kitten.. and he was not going for it at first but then he gave in for the kitten.. so when i got to steph's house i had the baby kitten in a bag and handed it to her and she was like omg.. i cant have a kitten.. but then she was all excited.. :) His name is Arthur. he is such a loving lil kitten. So other than that the party was very fun :)hmm what else.. Oh my goddaughter came over omg.. she is succh a doll.. u ask her to show u her teeth.. so she smiles.. then u say lemme see ur mean face and she makes the most funniest face ever its soo cute!! and she laughs like a monster.. haha she is gettin soo big. Then also danielle came over and she put on her beautiful spain dress and was posing for me.. she is beautiful! shes got a personality on her for sure. So ya other wise i have been feeling okay.. i still am not 100% some days i still feel sick.. but i gotta stay strong :) anywho sorry for not writtin every day :)