Friday, November 27, 2009

hey everyone :) well today is black friday.. did i wake up early to get some good deals?? Nope haha i like my sleep tooo much. So thanksgiving was nice.. i got to see my family... and jus relax and eat my mashed potatoes.. and my stuffing :) O dont forget my chocolate pudding pie YUMM Thanks judy for all the hard work in youre cooking ... everything was amazing it was good seeing you.. Well tonight i start my chemo.. i am not looking foward to that but i just dont think about it till i have to do it... well i try.. So this time i will be trying vanilla wafers to take my pills.. haha ya i know im weird but i cant swallow pills worth crap. So soo far i can no longer eat banannas... ganolia (SP) bars... fishie crackers.. and now its gonna be vanilla wafers...maybe i should do it to the food thats not good for me.. like ice cream haha.. that chemo makes me not like certian food its weird... Well what else is new..... I have a MRI coming up in december so pray for a clean slate :) also i have to take a kidney test.. to make sure that they are absorbing my phosforus... its just a urine sample.. nothing crazy. Ohh and MY sister is prego!!! Im going to be a auntie :) im really happy for them.. i have already ordered clothes for the baby.. haha.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

another month down

(picture of Angel and I)

so turkey day is coming up im really excited because i get to see my family i really dont get to see often. Jesse ended up getting thanksgiving off im really happy because he usually has to work. So we will go to judys house (my moms aunt) and then afterwards go to Jesses dads house mike. So i better be hungry :) Friday i will start my chemo again for 5day.. so wish me luck and it goes well with me feeling wonderful :) and not icky... thank god for those antinausia patches and pills.. i dont know what i would do with out them. Well not much else is new... I got a facebook.. lol but otherwise nothing.. i am doing a game called farmville.. ya my brother and his girlfriend are beating my butt on it.. whatever.. j/k So i will write more after thanksgiving to letcha know how everything went :) thanks for following up on me guys..

Monday, November 9, 2009

what have i been up to?

Hey everyone so halloween went really well thanks for everyone who showed up i really appreciate it. The raunza was mMmmm... goood. Thanks momma for makeing them. Everyone wants the recipe.. So what else.. i took my chemo this month.. i actually felt fine with it this time... besides the ocasional thowing up.. but it was only when i was tryin to swallow my pills. hmm.. what else luke brought me over some some about ahh 2 riks? haha so we have been haveing fires everynight. its really nice totally different heat. the animals really like it. hmm.. O i cleaned the 2 spare rooms in our house..lemme tell ya i didnt know how much crap i had haha i think i brought over 4 bags jus to the goodwill and like 5 garbage bags to the dump. but it looks ooo so nice now. CLEAN!!! not much else has been going on... i have jus been livin day by day.. i think i am goin to start to paint our living room soon.... it will give me somthing to do :) well my MRI came back good so i have jus been enoying knowing nothings there....but the brain :)