Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey guys :)

Well hello everyone thanks for reading up on me i appreciate it. today went pretty well with the chemo, radiation , and infusion. My mom and dad took me today. We got to meet up with my chemo nurse Carrie, and talk about some side effects that i have gotten from the gad-tec. So a couple things that i have is that the tips of my fingers go numb and they are sensitive to cold and hotness. Same with my lips and the tip of my nose ?! And also my hips and legs are achy.. I feel like a old lady.. haha But i am gettin more medicine for that.. to try to fix it. If not they might have to put me on some steriods...But im hopin not :) Hmmm.. what else so my brother and savanna took me out for din din tonight to taco time yummy.. i love that place. we ate and tried to get my medicine.. but they said they would have to order it so i my fingers and lips are gonna be tingliee till like monday.. So luke spent the night and passed out early, so savanna and i stayed up watching movies and tryin to keep my dogs from not freakin out from the fireworks.. lemme tell ya jeffery is so scared of them... i feel bad for him. So right now its almost 12 and i am starting to get a lil tired... I have the weekend off from EVERYTHING!!!! well except the chemo at least im excited.. I get to hang out with my boytoy finally. Love that guy :) Well goodnight everyone or goodmorning! I will write more later on :) Thanks everyone for suporting me :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

OH by the way :)

My Aunt dorlee and uncle steve got me a necklace, a healing necklace handmade just for me, the braclett has quam yin on it. she is the goddess os healing and compasion. and the pocket angel was givin to me from them from my supossed to protect me :) Thank you soo much for all the very genourios jews u have givin me :) love you guys I wear the braclett everyday and rub the pocket angel all the time.. it gives me hope... thank you

So i know this has nothing to do with what im going though but i thought it was very nice and thoughtful of my sister to do this.. This ring here is the ring she got me for my 16th b-day. And i alwayd wore it.. Well when jesse and i were mixin motor mix i forgot to take my ring off.... this ring looked like crap.. it wasnt shiney... or anything now it looks brand new :) thanks stephanie again for the clean ring and the mints :) love you !

Almost 1 week down of treatment

So As u can see in these pictures i am kinda a hue of green. That is the port that is in me.. Thank g goodness i have this cuz if not i would be in a lot of pain. I have been going all day waking up... getting ready for a long day. Today my aunt tara took me. We got there right on time. When we were at the cancer care allaince center They got us in right away. The put us in our own room and we have our own kitchen of food of what we want :) so we both had macaronni yummmy:) So today they were late with my gad-tec so we had to wait an extra half hour at the radiation center. The gad tec today made the tip of m fingers tingle.. kinda hurt and also i am Very sensitive to light. Oh and they made me take some steriods today to help with that. It actually work for awhile. So Then tara and i went to the radiation doctor and then we had to wait so we went to the cafe. She got me some fruit :) it was yummy. So today in the radiation room i had them put a smell on my nose like today they did orange smell.. When they do rasiation to ur brian sometimes it does something with ur smells and u smell a weird smell like almost sulfer.. So ya every time i go and get it done i can pick a new smell... Something i get to look forward to. It only is for about 3 min. the radiation... its really fast but it sure wears me out thats for sure. Tara brought a pillow and i passed out from seattle to home :) Thanks tara :) Also today i ran into a girl that is 17 and she is from alaska they moved up her for her treatment.. she has caner in her muscle tissues actually shes been doin it for 6 months shes a beautiful stong women. O!! and also my mom and aunt yesterday talked to this nice lady that her husband has kids luikemia..... It was his first day for radiation... she gave be a big hug and said to stay strong.. she gave me a lil metal angel.. she said she has been caring it for a long time and said i should have it.. it made me cry actually i was very happy... i gave her a hug and said Thank you. thank you. When i got home my mom and dad and dodi from costco stopped by. Thank goodness for them they bring me so much yummy food for me i swear they want me to get fat or somthing :) Thanks everyone for thinkin about me i think about u all the time :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second day of radiation and chemo

Well today went well.. I took my chemo last night. My sister, and my aunt sherry took me today. We went to the seattle cancer care alance place first for my gad-tec. Then Sherry took us out to lunch to red robin. Which was reallly good! I havent really had a cravings for food lately... not hungry at all actually but then i get these moments where i am sooo hungry. So today went well just tired.. Dont really have much to say today ..... OOOo!! i forgot my aunt kelly and uncle gene are going to come over and help finish up our backyard over hang!! THaNKS u guys!! very thoughful Jesse and i love u guys :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ohh Danielle

I almost forgot.. Danielle my sisters god daughter said to her mom that she wants to be a doctor and work on peoples brians.... her mom said she has done surgery on her barbies and they are all better now :) Man i love that lil girl

I got my Port in :

So on friday i went into surgery for my port. It was a mini surgery i was probably in there for about a hour. Jesse, Stephanie, and my aunt Sherry were there givin me a peace sign when they pushed me into the surgery room. I was really glad they were there to support me. soo..They made a little cut on my right side of my chest. They inserted the port and made it so it wouldnt move. The doctors said usually people pass out during the surgery cuz of the medicine but i was awake talkin to the surgen.. i dont really remember what all i said but they said i was a chatter box. haha So when i got out of surgery my sis had to leave cuz they said i was going to have to recover for 2-6 hours.. so my mom and dad came up and they were there when i got out of surgery. When we were waiting for my food to come.. the radiation doctor called and they needed to do a couple more things with my mask they made me. so i ended up leaving the recovery room within a hour. They didnt give me any medicine either.. they said that i would just be a little sore. BUT that was not true! So we finally left and i started to feel more and more when we got home we passed out and my grandma, my aunt tara and my brother and savanna stopped by. They brought me goodies and it was nice seeing them. Jesse called in so he could spend time with me and take care of me. So we slept till 11 the next day.. seriously. I took a perkacet (woops on spelling) and it made me sooo sick i layed on the couch all day and didnt move.. i would try to get up but i felt horrible!!! I felt worse then when i got my brian surgery. Then today fathers day i took a shower.. and felt a lot better. Jesse and i hung out at his dads house and just relaxed and prunned his trees and just had a very relaxing day. He got me a cute long skirt as well it was very thoughtful of him. Ohh and we also removed the gauze from my sore. That was kinda painful.. but we got it removed.. but the tape was still everywhere around it.. it seriously was as big as my hand the tape stuck on me. later on we went to my parents house and my sister helped me try to remove the tape. lemme tell ya it was soo painful. we put coconut oil on it to help.. NOPE then stephanie called andrew and he looked on the web and it said vasaline would help. so it probably took a good hour of my screaming and trying not to cry to get it off of me. Thank god for my sis and my momma being there trying to keep me strong to get that off cuz that hurt!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Omg...thank god for insurance!!

(This pic is when i had the tumor in my head its all gone now though :)) So today I picked up my med's seriously.. If i didnt have insurance it would have cost around $8,000 . for just a month of my meds.?!?! How freakin crazy is that? So this week i am gettin my port in my chest on friday. I have to get this done since they are puttin the gad-tec in me almost everyday and when they check my blood. They wouldnt be able to poke me that many times with a needle.. my arms would be black and blue.. So hmm... what else is new... my dogs got out again. my sister and i had to drive around my neighborhood and ask all my neighbors and finally we found them. ya.. Jeffery (my dog) tends to somehow someway find a way out every time. And bella the lil one just follows him. What else.. a couple days ago Sherry my aunt took me, my mom, sis, and nonna to the snoqualmie casino.. Lemme tell ya i needed that. She is such a big hearted women. And well tonight my grandma is spending the night. She brought me over wild rice.. which was pretty good and some watermelon. While she wasnt watching, i ordered pizza haha she just laughed it was yummy though. and now we are just watching so u think u can dance?! its good. i like that show its interesting.. its my grandma's favorite.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


hey everyone so today is Tuesday. I went to the doc's yesterday to pick up my medicine. I will start my med's sunday night.. and then start my radiation monday. So since i decided to go with "gad-tec" I am getting a port inside me so they can inject the gad-tec inside me. I will get it everyday for 2 weeks and then after the two weeks i will get it 3 days a week. It will actually make me green literally. Gad-tec is a liquid that tends to attach itself to cancer/fast growing cells in our body. So when they do the radiation it acts as intencer to kill more cancer cells. So more about me being green.. Its such a dark liquid that it actually turns youre skin green.. your tears green, spit.. pee etc. Jesse's grandma said i will be her lil sweet pea... haha So I will be taking chemo every day basically and some medicine to make me not wanna throw up.. they say the mixture of chemo..radiation..and gadtec will make me feel kinda fatugue.. or sick to the tummy. But hey maybe it wont even phase me :) So i will be doing all this for 61/2 weeks and then i will get a break for a lil and then get another MRI and see how everything reacted to the treatment and go from there.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello everyone

So I just wanted everyone to know I have just been relaxing the last couple days :) Luke graduated yesterday.. my lil brother is all grown up now. He started his new job today.. Im very proud of him. Also today my mom, kelly, kylie, grandma diane, dad, ashley k, travis, and Mike stopped by today. It was nice seeing all of them. I havent seen kelly and kylie for awhile.. same with keerstin :) We all got to hang out at graduation so we all got to catch up. Also yesterday My neighbors Tim and Annette got jesse and I a treadmill how nice was that? We saw it down the road at a yard sale.. but just never got it and they went down there and got it for us. Thank you! So now when i am doing my treatment and need to get some exercise I will be able to just go into the "work out room " in our house. My Grandma Diane got me some healthy food from trader joes, and Ashley and Travis brought over some cookies that travis' mom made.. yummmy!!We took the mutts on a walk today.. oh and they got into the garbage and bella some how got tangled in wire... ya they were a lil bad today haha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I went to the radiation doc today

So I went to the doc today.. with jesse and my mom.It was at the university of washington. We got to find out a little more about what steps we have to take for the treatment. So they went over a few things again of what we can do. Also I got some pictures taken of me so when i do get radiation they can calculate where exactly the radiation will go. So they had me lay down on this weird bed that moved and took kinda like a X-ray. They said they were going to make a mask for me so when i get the treatment will go into the right places. So they got this square peice of plactic that almost looked like mesh. they put it in warm water and layed it on my face. It felt weird they were pressing it around my eyes.. nose... etc. Then they did more technical things haha. But ya that was the jif of the appointment. Its been pretty draining going to non-stop appointments but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. Just keep me in all your guys prayers :) to give me the strengh to do all this :) I appreciate everything everyone has done for me love ya guys :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tumor news. And thank you's!!

So we got the results back from the doctor about the tumor.Unfortanally the tumor was cancerious. They removed it all so thats a good thing, but I have to do treatment to make sure it doesnt come back. So we have gone to a few appointments to talk about what we can do. The kind of tumor i had is very rare for someone my age to get. Usually older people tend to get it. Its a kind of tumor that tends to grow back faster than normal tumors. So this is why we are gonna get started with radiation and chemo. I will be doing this for about 6 1/2 weeks. I will start around the end of this month. I think i will actually be going to the University of Washington for the treatment. So yep.. this is whats going on now. I feel wonderful though :) I dont have my headache's anymore and just been relaxing getting to hang out with my family and friends. So at home Jesse's been taking good care of me with my recovery from the surgery and getting ready for treatment. He has been making fresh juice for me, and I have been taking a multi-vitamin as well. I have had drinks made from carrot / spinish /wheat grass/apples/oranges/broccoli/ and celery. YUMMMY :) He's a good guy :) My family has been over almost every day helping me out as well. My mom has been cooking.. cleaning, and always keeping busy! My dad has been fixing things at my house that has been well over due to be done, hes been my handy man. He has fixed soo much!I also want to thank the MOSERS for raising money for jess and i.. And grandma Diane and Mike, we cant thank you enough for what you guys have done for us. Ashley k and Travis came over in the morning and I looked outside and they were weeding my yard! Stephanie and Luke have been over alot and have been helping out alot as well hanging out with me and just keeping me company. Jesse's dad Mike has been there alot for all of us as well. He has such a big heart that guy :) He got jesse and I a air conditioner. Oh my goodness lemme tell ya it helps out soo much in the house. He got this for us so when i am doing treatment i dont have to come home to a hot house. Thank you COSTCO for everyone, Thank you Kelly for coming over and keeping me company, Thank you !!!! If i didnt mention you dont think i forgot about ya i appreciate everything that EVERYONE has done!!! Jesse and I really appreciate everything .

Friday, June 5, 2009

This is whats up

Hey everyone so this is my first time doing a blog... So My sister figured it would be good since everyone has been wondering about whats been going on with me. Well about a month ago I started getting weird pressure headaches and figured it was just a head flu or something... So this went on for about 2 weeks.. so i finally went to the doc's. She thought it was kinda strange so she decided that it would be a good idea to get a MRI done. When they got the results back, I got a phone call that changed my life forever. My doctor told me that they found a large mass in my brian. This was on a sunday when I found out. The next day my mom and doctor were on the phone for hours trying to find a neurosurgen (sorry cant spell) that day. They finally found one and she was at sweedish medical in seattle. We met up with her that day and went over my MRI and decided i needed to have surgery ASAP. So they set the date. Thursday the 21st. I was going to get brain surgery. How out of no where someone who thinks they have a normal headache go from having to get surgery?? So the day of surgery we had to be there at 6AM. My surgery was sched. for 11:45. My family was all there waiting for it to be over with.. I remember getting pulled away to the operation room seeing Jesse, steph, and my mom just lookin at me.. I gave them the peace sign and then i was out. Next thing I remember is waking up and seeing my jesse adam, dad, mom and stephanie. I guess the medicine made me pretty chatty. So remember seeing alot of my family and friends coming and going. I was in ICU for about 2day and then in IC for the remaining day. The surgery went well, they removed all the tumor. The day i got to leave was saterday. the nurse had to remove 12 staples from my head that was holding the gauze on my head. That was painful!!!!! Then I got to go HOME!!!!!! Now we just had to wait to get the results on the tumor..... to see if the tumor is just a tumor or more...