Monday, September 21, 2009

1 more surgery down!

SO i ended up haveing to get my appendix removed. Jesse took me and and i had to drink this orange flavored drink which was oo soo yummy..NOT it was icky! i had to drink a full cup. so then i got my CT scan.. which was weird because they inject this dye in u and it makes ur whole body warm from ur head to your toes. it actually feeels like u are peeing your pants when they inject it. haha it only last 1min though. So then we had to wait for the results and then the doc called us on the phone and they made a appoint. for my surgery. So i called my mom and told her and she came down with my aunt tara. I was not looking forward to gettin another surgery but i knew i could do it with the support. so We waited in the waiting area for a good half hour.. then they called jesse and i back. Tara got me some slippers to wear. so They brought us in a lil room and i had to change into the lovely hospital clothes. Then they xtarted to pump fluids in me. while jesse and i were waiting we said a prayer for everyone to look after me while i was in surgery. Then the doc's pulled me away and i remember waking up all droggy and seeing Jesse, sami, my momma, my dad, tara, stacy, and greg, and joel. It was very nice of everyone to come and see me :) So everyone started leaving... then jesse and i were watching tv. My arm though was hurtin soo mad they say that happends because the air gets in ur body and messes with the diafram and your brian thinks its ur arm but its reallt not. So my poor jesse had to sleep in a metal chair all night right next to me. they wouldnt give him a bed or anything.. how rude.. he didnt get much sleep but i sure thought it was reallly sweet of him. so when it woke up i moved over and let him lay on the bed with me and lemme tell ya he passsed out when he got on the bed...he needed some rest. So jesse and i watched about8 movies while we were there... haha he really took care of me.. getting me water.. us goin on walks in the host... and jus being there for me. thanks jesse :) So when we finally got to go home jesse drove me home very slowly.@@ When we got home the animals were all happy to see us they wouldnt leave us alone. My mom brought over her famous potatoe soup.. YUMMM i ate some of that with sourdough bread :) Thanks momma! oh ya and thank you very much for my bracelett and earrings too :) love u momma and dad :) so now i am just relaxing at home i have been very sore lately. Jesse has been a huge help. He has been doing everything for me :) hes my other half thats for sure. My mom, sis, and luke are sick so i havent really got to see them that much but better to stay away from me so i dont get sick ya know.... :) o so how they did the surgery is through my belly button... a cut on my left side of my tummy and below my belly button... ew! i dont even like thinkin about it. but thats how they did it. OH and today i went to get my blood taken today from SCCA they lady poked me in the wrong area... lemme tellu i was crying it hurt soo bad. they had a nother lady come and finish... Well love u all very much and thanks again for everyone helping me out especially u jesse :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so i gotta get a CT scan

So yesterday i was hanging out at my parents house and we were drinking tea and apple cider.. and about 30min later my tummy started to hurt i thought it was just heart burn so i took some tums... and then went home with a lil upset tummy. So i walked on my treadmil for 30min.. then laid in bed to watch some tv and that was when my tummy started to really hurt! it felt like burning i decided to take a bath to see if it would help.. NOPE! it was gettin worse.. then i threw i finally called jesse and he came home.. and my mom came over to our house as well. This was about 1:30 in the morning.. So finally i took a pain killer and it helped with the pain.. So my mom left and jesse and i passed out. Then in the morning i woke up and my right side of my stomach was still hurting but not as bad as last night. so we ended up makin a doc appointment. so my mom and I went... it took forever! they came to conclusion that where it was hurting when she was pressing on my stomach it could be my appendix or my overies??!! so tomorrow we will get my CT scan and find out :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


(pic of me and my papa)
Hey everyone so i am taking chemo right now.. 270mg. its 2 pills.. i am almost 3 days down :) dont ask me how i am swallowing them but i have been. So they gave me a patch to wear on my arm for the antinausia.. its been helping actually. So today i woke up to my dogs whinning so i thought around 7 this morning and so i looked out the window and there was a brindle pitbul with clipped ears.. omg.. total fighting looking dog. He was trying to get out of our yard. So i freaked out because i was thinkin about our dogs.. and they pushed the fence out so they were gone!!! We had another dog in our yard. so we drove around and finally found our dogs.. haha but the pitbul kept comin back to the front yard. Then i hung out with my friend lindsey D. And i helped her docorate her house. Then we went to dinner. So now im home waiting to take my chemo... yay.. so not much has been goin on with mw just been relaxing.... still sleeping alot..after chasing the dogs down i slept till 2! so i have been catching my ZzzZzz....