Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey everyone,
So I had my bloodwork yesterday.. went fine, jesse and i had to wake up early.. well for us 9am. i dont think we went to bed till 3?? So we were tired!!! When we got to SCCA it wasnt busy at all it was nice.. i wish it was always like that...makes it seem like everyone was getting better and didnt have to come here.. :) Well i got a lady for my blooddraw.. She kinda knew what she was doing she made me a little nervious.. she did the lidicane shot a lil too deep.. ugh..and well the other needle went fine.. Then she put this tape on me.. with gause to cover where she poked me. When we got to the car it was sore :( but its alright. Then Jesse and I went to Zoopas!!! yumm.. I actually ate pizza. i couldnt tell you the last time i ate pizza!! and pasta.. and ice cream.. yummmmm haha. Then we went home.. layed in bed and passed out. about 2 hours later i got woken up by ashley kennison :) We went to Ross, Tj max, and wallyworld :) I think i needed that we had fun.. we gotta catch up. Hmm Oh well valentines day was nice and relaxing. I woke up to roses and jesse giving me a kiss on my forehead. Hes such a good guy. Then we went to dinner at a mexican restarunt..YUM! then we rented a couple movies and relaxed...I think we both fell asleep on the couch haha. HMMMM.. What else??? Well I have been kinda gettin little headaches pressure.. Soo My mom called the doc and instead of the 22nd for my MRI i am getting my MRI tomorrow. just to make sure everytings fine. and less stress for me. So ill letcha know how it goes :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey everyone,
Well This was my last month for my chemo.. and Truthfully I didnt take it.. :/ I was going to try to take it but i knew i was just going to throw it up. So i did not take it. I know.. I know i should have.. but it just makes me feel soo horible. I have not told my doctors yet... but it is what it is.. I dont want to be critisized.. u know. Its my body.. and i know whats right. But when i was supossed to take my chemo i was not feeling good at all either. My heartburn has been REALLY bothering me. I get it everynight.. in my lower and upper back.. so painful where theres nothing u can do.. it actually makes me cry sometimes.. i went to the docter and they said everyting looked fine.. with my ultra sound.. the only thing was my liver was a lil imflamed. they said its from takin so much medicine. So they prescrribed me a ULTRA antiacid... to i am hoping it will help.. they say it will hopefully kick in within a week. Thank goodness that this pill i gotta take isnt too big and doesnt taste funny. I couldnt tell you the last time i ate red sauce... pizza.. mexican food...enchaladas.. mmmmm.... SO i really cant wait till i can eat some normal food. Well what else has been going on.. I have been working on my backyard... picking up a bunch of branches..dog poop. haha Jesse worked on the front yard and we finally took the xmas lights down from outside ... haha ya.. a lil late i know ...Also i want to thank Steve and Dorlee for the card, and the "believe" notepad i really like it :) U guys are very thoughtful.. i appreciate it. Also Kelly thank you for my lil license with my name on it :) its by my bed.. its so cute thank again for everything!!!!! Oh and Jesse and i ate on the porch today.. its sure nice havin the overhang.. thanks kelly and gene.. Love u all guys!!
Well i have this site where u can ask me any questions.. so feel free to :)