Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ya! for my MRI

hi everyone,
i thought id letcha know my mri went AWESOME! it came back better than my first MRI. the only sucky thing was the people on the 3rd floor of SCCA dont know how to axcess my port. SO i ended up getting poked 7 times. 6 times in my port and one time in my arm. One lady poked me in my muscle... ouch! hmmm... what else I got to see tracy and her husband at SCCA. shes a special lady i met while i was doing radiation... her husband has lukemia.. but he is doing awesome! Hes a trooper for sure!!! Well thanks again everyone for prayin and keeping me in your thoughts :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey everyone thanks for reading my blog still.. lol so the last week i have actuallly had a cold. ugh.. stuffy nose... sore throat..Jesse and my mom have been taking care of me. I have been sleeping alot. They say thats good because your body heals when u are asleep. so that is what i have been doing. My mom got me a bunch of medicine and caugh drops and a vaporizer.. and some zapor rub.. which helped alot. and jesses been giving me vitimans and making sure the house is clean. They have been a real big help for me. THANK YOU! hmmm.. what else well my mom, sis, Leah, and Tatum went to costco and i bought lil tate a dress and leah a outfit. they had a blast there.. all the samples.. and toys I think we were there for a few hours...literally. I decorated for halloween... it looks pretty good :) what else... Oh crystal and I went to mexican food for din din and it was really yummy. Then we went to the goodwill :) haha ya we had fun we actually found a couple peices of furniture for crystal. luckily i had the truck. It was filled to the rim with the furniture.... haha Then when we got to crystals house we had to unload it.. well she did.. i couldnt because of my recent surgery of my appendix. so luckily it all fit. We had fun.. but i think thats where i got my cold... Goodwill.. haha and crystal got a cold too.. weird. maybe it was the clean smell in there?! ew. Well halloween is coming up and Family dont forget we are making raunza at my house. :) jus text me and or call my momma k if u can come :) Thanks for all the support everyone.. i will be starting my chemo again... :( yuck but my MRI is coming up so pray for a clean slate... only my brian to be in there... :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey everyone well i totally forgot to tell u all about the fun night at the lovely playmore! So we ended up going there around 4ish.. Jesse ended up not being able to come because of his work.. but Linds was my date :) So everything went good :) People were wantin to buy me drinks but i dont drink so they were buying me pulltabs :) by the end of the night i won $250!! Also i got a signed football with tony romo, and Terell Owens signiture. Everyone there was soo nice and giving i met alot of people. Thanks pier and siandy.! Everything went awesome! So they ened up earning 7200.00 :) THANK YOU!!!