Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey everyone,
Well lately i have just been working... and had angel one weekend.. and had danielle for a day.. and had leah this weekend! so ive been busy with the kids! SOoo My mri came back fine, they just had to check to make sure everything was GOOD! so they just double checked it. BUt everytihng is fine! SSOoo... what else.?! Im still selling my bracelets.. if u guys want one let me know and i can make u one... :) Hmm what else.. O i got my hair dyed... so its a little darker now.. cant wait till i can dye all my hair... :) today i had to get my port flushed.. so we went to SCCA and then went to Zoopas... eh.. wasnt that good... actually! oh welll..

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Went shopping and got me some cute glasses and a necklace! :) Love the sun.. and works been good!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hey just thought id letcha know my MRI came back good! we were a little worried at first because when we looked at the MRI the lil dot in where my tumor was was really bright.. and so they jus wanted to make sure it wasnt anything... so they checked and everything is the same! so nothing has changed! thanks for praying and keeping me in your thoughts~ :) If u would like a bracelet ..let me know just email me at all bracelets are 8.00 and it goes towards my medical bills.. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey everyone!! so i have a MRI this monday.. so wish me luck! So whats new.. well I got a job.. I am now working at cycle gear, in Auburn :) Part time.. 10-2 monday-fri!I really like it.. BUT i get tired im glad im not working anymore! I merchandise, and sell there.. So if u ever need anything for your dirt/street/atv come and visit me! or if u just want some cute clothes.. they have it! So what else... Jeffery got a gash on his foot...he was chasing jesse on our little 50cc dirtbike.. (SMALL BIKE) haha and wellhe got his paw ran over.. so i took him to the vet and they wrapped him all up... and i put a sock over it.. poor boy.. but hes doing a lot better..:_)ahh... hmmmmm...O ya i sprained my wrist..i was trying to get into my vegie garden.. it has chicken wire around it..and well i \tripped and ya..fell right on my wrist...but its better now..:) Also i am still selling my bracelets so if u are interested let me know and i can show u more pictures of the new ones i have made...:) thanks for keeping up with my means a lot to me