Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey Everyone!!

Hey! SO i know i havent wrote on here for EVER (since Jan.)Look at that as a good thing..because everything has been going great for me :)My MRI's have been coming back better and better! My doc said that I only have go get a Mri every 3 months now.. instead of every other...:) which is amazing!! It was 2 years in may since my surgery.. We had a joined party for jesses birthday and my 2 years cancer free..Thank you everyone who came!! It means alot to us! What else.. my nephew Corbin is getting HUGE! He is full of smiles...and puke :)He is just so happy!!Today i went over to my sisters house..and we had yummy "ristorante isabelas"food.. Steph put corbin in the little jumper thing..omg that boy can jump..haha.Its always nice going over there! Hmmm.. what else... Jesse is doing all the training/etc. to become a firefighter.. which i am very proud of him..Thats a big step for him!!Hes an amazing guy..I couldnt ask for anything else.We have gone up to the cabin a few times and hung out up there with the family..going in the golf cart around tahuya..good times..Right momma? So i have just been working...working on the house with jesse..Ive been making signs with sayings on them..(wood signs)so if anyone is interested in one lemme know :) all profits will be to pay off my medical bills ;)Also i decided not to do the brain cancer walk this year.. its not that i dont support it.. its just that sometimes.. I hate thinking about BRAIN CANCER 24/7. Anywho,I will try to keep current with my blog :)
Thanks everyone for all the support still...(
Shelby Michele

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  1. well shelby its about it !!!!!! love the pictures,very nice update, our life is so good!!!your doing great and we have the most amazeing little corbin our life couldnt be better!!! i love u sooo much my shells luv mom